Monday, February 2, 2009

On Hitchens

I'm generally at odds with nearly everything that comes out of Christopher Hitchen's mouth, except his thoughts on atheism (and even then, there's some disagreement). However, there's two things, two very important things, that I will give him credit for.

1.) When unequivocally smacked upside the head by reality, he will publicly, openly, and loudly admit that he was wrong. Witness his advocation for restraint and lack of torture after himself being waterboarded, a departure from his general hawkishness in the Iraq war. Witness also his realization that the more hawkish candidate in the US was just not running a serious campaign after the selection of Palin.

2.) He's a smarter bloke than his dumbass brother.

(I'm permalinking to what is currently his latest blather, but a glance through the archive tells me there normally should be stupidity a-plenty on his front page on the Daily Fail.)

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