Friday, April 18, 2008

Today in Pictures

From the BBC: "In Katmandu, Nepal, Tibetan nuns flee from pursuing police officers during a demonstration against Chinese rule in Tibet."

I'm completely unfamiliar with the immediate backstory of this image, and the quoted blurb is all the BBC provides. At first glance at least, though, I'm finding the image of (going out on a limb based on the whole Buddhist nun thing) unarmed female protesters versus masked, uniformed, male (from what I can make out, at least) soldiers to be a pretty powerful one. Thoughts?

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Ron Sullivan said...

Hi there. I just dropped over via Pharyngula.

Yes that is a powerful image; too bad it's entirely too common, if you have a long memory.

It was the garden thing (and Central PA — you mean State College. or where?) that got my ears up. How much sun do you get in the apartment's yard? That's a big factor. The BBG is a great source for garden lore. Take time to look at their site and publications.

Oh. Nasturtiums! Tasty and prolific.