Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A somewhat longer introduction...

So, about me. If you're here, you've probably run across me elsewhere in Ye Olde Blogosphere, and may be somewhat aware of my proclivities. Just to clear up any potential misconceptions, I'm a geeky gamer feminist atheist liberal progressive LGBTQWEV-ally POC-ally with a penchant for ranting angrily and no compunctions about expletives. If any of that bugs you... well, feel free to stick around and discuss things, within limits. I won't tell you to fuck off *if* you don't make an ass of yourself, (though I reserve the right to call you a ridicule-deserving douchemonkey). But you may, just may, be in the wrong part of the internets.

I'm still a student, but I'm almost bloody well done with academia, having spent 5 years in a cute, quaint, and absolutely stifling small Pennsylvania town with a small, widely-regarded, and completely isolated-from-reality Pennsylvania college. I've already rented an apartment in Manhattan to get a teensy weensy bit of a change of pace. I'm majoring in both International Relations and Comp Sci Engineering. I don't have the best record in either subject, but I'm fairly positive I'm the best coder in IR and the best writer in CS. That's gotta count for something.

What can you expect from this blog? Lots and lots of angry, angry ranting. Geeky stuff. Dorky stuff. Techy stuff. Politics. Drunken Dionysus's dinghy, the politics. And a great deal of pretentious pontification on ponderous problems unto perpetuity. Oh, and alliteration, too. It's fun.

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